Пигмент улбар шар 34-Corimax улбар шар RL70

Technical parameters of Pigment orange 34

Өнгөний индекс дугаар.Пигмент улбар шар 34
Бүтээгдэхүүний нэрCorimax Orange RL70
Бүтээгдэхүүний ангилалОрганик пигмент
Хөнгөн хурд (бүрэх)6
Дулаан эсэргүүцэл (бүрэх)180
Хөнгөн хурд (хуванцар)5-6
Дулаан эсэргүүцэл (хуванцар)200
Пигмент-улбар шар-34-Өнгө
Hue түгээлт

Онцлог шинж чанар: Өндөр нуугдах хүч.


Архитектурын өнгөлгөө, үйлдвэрлэлийн бүрээс, нунтаг бүрээсийг санал болгож байна.

TDS(Pigment-orange-34) MSDS(Pigment-orange-34)

Холбогдох мэдээлэл

Color Index:PO 34
Chem. Group:Disazopyrazolone
C.I. No. :21115
CAS. No. :15793-73-4

Pigment Name: c.i.segment orange 34 (p.o.34)
Alias: benzidine orange; YONGGU orange RL; diarylide orange; permanent orange RL 70
Chemical name: 4,4 '- [[3,3' - dichloro (1,1 '- biphenyl) - 4,4' - diyl] bis (azo)] bis [2,4-dihydro-5-methyl-2 - (4-methyl) - 3h-pyrazol-3-one] Molecular formula: c34h28cl2n8o2
Molecular weight: 651.60

Молекулын бүтэц:

Physical Data
Density [g/cm³]:1.39
Specific Surface [m²/g]: 30
Heat Stability [°C]: 180
Light fastness: 6
Weather fastness: 4-5

Fastness properties
Water resistance: 5
Oil resistance: 4
Acid resistance: 5
Alkali resistance: 5
Alcohol resistance: 5

Физик ба химийн шинж чанар:

solubility: hue or color light: bright red light orange relative density: 1.30-1.40 bulk density / (LB / gal): 11.0-11.6 melting point / ℃: 320-350 average particle size / μ M: 0.09 particle shape: cube specific surface area / (m2 / g): 66 (f2g) pH value / (10% slurry): 4.8-6.5 oil absorption / (g / 100g): 43-79 hiding power: translucent / transparent
Product application: there are 54 kinds of commercial formulation brands of the pigment, giving pure yellow light orange, high coloring power, transparent (75m2 / g) and non transparent (15m2 / g). Among them, the specific surface area of YONGGU orange RL01 is 49m2 / g, and rl70 is 24m2 / g. at the same depth, the printing sample of this variety is more light resistant than C.I. Pigment orange 13 (higher level). It is mainly used for packaging ink printing and coating printing with light fastness of Grade 5-6 (1 / 3SD) and dry cleaning resistance; it is used for soft PVC and polyolefin (200 ℃); it has good light and climate fastness in the coating, and the high hiding power dosage form has excellent fluidity; and it can replace molybdenum red in agricultural machinery and building coating.

Synthesis principle: beating 3,3 '- dichlorobenzidine (DCB) with hydrochloric acid and water, adding sodium nitrite aqueous solution, diazotization reaction is carried out at 0-5 ℃. After reaction, excess nitrite is destroyed with urea, and activated carbon is decoloured. The diazonium salt is added into 3-methyl-1 - (4' - methylphenyl) - 5-pyrazolone, and coupling reaction is carried out under the condition of pH = 9.5-10, heating up to 85-90 ℃, over temperature Filter, wash, dry.