Шар өнгийн 151-Corimax Шар H4G

Technical parameters of Pigment yellow 151

Өнгөний индекс дугаар.Пигментийн шар 151
Бүтээгдэхүүний нэрCorimax Yellow H4G
Бүтээгдэхүүний ангилалОрганик пигмент
CAS дугаар31837-42-0
ЕХ-ны дугаар250-830-4
Химийн гэр бүлМоно азо
Молекулын жин381.34
Молекулын томъёоC18H15N5O5
PH утга7
Тос шингээлт (мл / 100г)%45
Хөнгөн хурд (бүрэх)6-7
Дулаан эсэргүүцэл (бүрэх)200
Хөнгөн хурд (хуванцар)7-8
Дулаан эсэргүүцэл (хуванцар)260
Усны эсэргүүцэл5
Газрын тосны эсэргүүцэл5
Хүчиллэг эсэргүүцэл5
Шүлтийн эсэргүүцэл5
Hue түгээлт

Молекулын бүтэц:


Recommended for automotive paints, architectural coatings, coil coatings, industrial paints, powder coatings, printing pastes, PVC, rubber, PS, PP, PE, PU, water based inks, solvent inks, UV inks.
Оффсет бэхэнд ашиглаж болно.

TDS( Pigment yellow 151) MSDS(Pigment yellow 151) —————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————————

Холбогдох мэдээлэл

Pigment yellow 151 gives a hue that is greener than CI Pigment Yellow 154 and redder than Pigment Yellow 175. The hue angle is 97.4 degrees (1 / 3SD). The specific surface area of ​​Hostaperm Yellow H4G is 23m2 / g, which has good hiding power. The fastness is excellent. The coloring sample of alkyd trinitrile resin is exposed to Florida for 1 year. The weather fastness has a grade 5 gray card, and the dilute color (1; 3TiO2) is still grade 4; 1/3 The heat resistance stability of HDPE in standard depth is 260 ° C / 5min; it is suitable for high-end industrial coatings, automotive primers (OEM), and can be combined with phthalocyanines and inorganic pigments, and can also be used for printing polyester laminated plastic films Ink coloring.

aliases:13980; Benzoic acid, 2-(2-(1-(((2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)amino)carbonyl)-2-oxopropyl)diazenyl)-; pigment yellow 151; 2-[[1-[[(2,3-Dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)amino]carbonyl]-2-oxopropyl]azo]benzoic acid; C.I. 13980; fast yellow h4g; 2-[2-OXO-1-[(2-OXO-1,3-DIHYDROBENZOIMIDAZOL-5-YL)CARBAMOY; PROPYL]DIAZENYLBENZOIC ACID; Benzoic acid, 2-1-(2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)aminocarbonyl-2-oxopropylazo-; BENZIMIDAZOLONE YELLOS H4G; Benzimidazolone Yellow H4G(Pigment Yellow 151); 2-[(E)-{1,3-dioxo-1-[(2-oxo-2,3-dihydro-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)amino]butan-2-yl}diazenyl]benzoic acid; 2-[2-oxo-1-[(2-oxo-1,3-dihydrobenzimidazol-5-yl)carbamoyl]propyl]azobenzoic acid.

IUPAC Name: 2-[[1,3-dioxo-1-[(2-oxo-1,3-dihydrobenzimidazol-5-yl)amino]butan-2-yl]diazenyl]benzoic acid

InChI : InChI=1S/C18H15N5O5/c1-9(24)15(23-22-12-5-3-2-4-11(12)17(26)27)16(25)19-10-6-7-13-14(8-10)21-18(28)20-13/h2-8,15H,1H3,(H,19,25)(H,26,27)(H2,20,21,28)


Canonical SMILES: CC(=O)C(C(=O)NC1=CC2=C(C=C1)NC(=O)N2)N=NC3=CC=CC=C3C(=O)O

Chemical and Physical Properties

Computed Properties

Property NameProperty Value
Молекулын жин381.3 g/mol
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count4
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count7
Rotatable Bond Count6
Exact Mass381.10731860 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass381.10731860 g/mol
Topological Polar Surface Area149Ų
Heavy Atom Count28
Formal Charge0
Isotope Atom Count0
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count0
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count1
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count0
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count1
Compound Is CanonicalizedYes

Handling and storage:


Advice on protection against fire and explosion
Keep away from sources of ignition
Avoid formation of dust
Take precautionary measures against electrostatic loading


Be kept in a ventilated, cool and dry place, it should be also avoided to contact with acid material and expose to air. Keep container dry